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The Empty Mirror
oil on canvas, 2008
48 by 48 in.

Every man who desires adulation will
recognize in me the pure manifestation of
that dark part of himself

I am the perfect reflection of each man with
a lust to dominate, who has some bias or
prejudice... some unsatisfied craving.

Some will condemn me morally, but they cannot
escape the power of my image.
Their self-righteousness will dissolve as
their hearts beat with the rythm of my

Even those poor souls who hate me will
privately envy me, because I fulfilled my
dreams while others repress their true

Thus, have I guaranteed my immortality; the
essential Hitler has a hold on every human

Does that sound clichéd?

Anyway, let’s end this on a poetic note:
Will to power, will to form, will to beauty.

                    Norman Roadway as Adolf Hitler in The Empty Mirror
                    screenplay by Barry Hershey and R. Buckingham,
                    from the final production script - June 5, 1995

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